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  • LaZanzaraLab Laboratorio di teatro
  • LaZanzaraLab Laboratorio di teatro
  • LaZanzaraLab Laboratorio di teatro
  • LaZanzaraLab Laboratorio di teatro
  • LaZanzaraLab Laboratorio di teatro

Drama Courses

Cultural bridge between Italy and Bulgaria
for connections and cultural exchanges
Art meetings for vital knowledge

The knowledge of human has this special aspect:
it necessarily passes through self-knowledge.
(Italo Calvino)

Drama Courses

Italian - Bulgarian

Personal growth and harmony development


International Education

New approaches and training with international teachers


Performances - Plays

Contemporary Italian and Bulgarian playwrights

Open Courses  2019 - 2020

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Play Theater with Us

8 February - 1 March , 2020

Theater course for children and adults.

“One must never forget that the purpose of the journey... is the journey itself“.

Past Courses

La Zanzara_Bilingual Theater_Arlecchino.

Summer Theater Laboratory

5 - 28 August, 2019

Bilingual theater in Italian and Bulgarian

Play - Emotions - Fun

La Zanzara Laboratorio di teatro

La Zanzara Theater Laboratory is cultural bridge between Italy and Bulgaria based in Sofia and Bologna.

We believe in the usefulness and importance of theater for the personal growth. 

Beginning theatre practice from childhood, stimulates the imagination and frees the fantasy, helps to discover one's own abilities, to develop critical thinking, to acquire social and communicative skills.

Theater experience is easy to do and hard to forget.

Drama courses are designed for kids, teens and adults. Theater helps to discover one's individuality in the group work, to express freely one's emotions, to develop the creativity building stories and characters.

We work together to create a show, overcoming fears and inhibitions. The theater training is based on reading-pronunciation-intonation-vocal coloring-stage movements.

Theater in other language creates the abilities to find hidden cultural codes and therefore facilitates communication.

The foreign language, used in daily use, alive and rich intonations, allows learning while having fun.

Workshops give the opportunity to gain different approaches and points of view to develop and deepen later.

Designed for professional actors, aspiring actors and anyone who wants to deepen one's knowledge. Training with international experienced professionals in acting, movement and voice.

Theater projects, performance, musical recitation focused on women's problems, violence, exploitation, migration, social exclusion. Texts by contemporary Italian and Bulgarian playwrights.

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La Zanzara Lab Laboratorio di teatro