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BREATHE AND ACT - Sofia 2019
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Boxing - Yoga - Acting

Workshop inspired by the Stanislavskij - Strasberg's Method and the Antonin Artaud's works and linked to Yoga practice and Boxing training.

Two far away activities, but complementary, beneficial to each other towards the development of the actor as a professional and as a person.

Designed for actors, aspiring actors, directors, choreographers and performers tout court.
Here we break down mental barriers, we knock down the wall between teachers and students: experimenting together, working together.

It's easy to learn, hard to forget and will dramatically improve your ability to perform.

Boxing and Acting

Acting? Is it natural? Everybody does it, every day.

Is fighting natural? We all react when threatened.

Action - reaction principle is the dynamic of boxing.

Always ready to act and react.

Body, Breath, Resistance, Agility, Reflexes and especially Mind.

Boxeur and Actor

Ferocity - Fragility
Nature - Artifice
Form - Deformation

Strength - Weaknesses

Boxing is theater training.

Obstinacy to win and to reach the goals.

Boxing dance is physical and mental improvisation.

Improvise and manage unforeseen situations.

Yoga and Acting

We combine breathing Yoga techniques (Pranayama) and meditation with Stanislavskij - Strasberg theater techniques (sensory work, dreams, communication techniques, improvisations).

The synergy between Yoga and Stanislavskij - Strasberg Method works on fears and mental blocks, transforms the "weaknesses" into a communicative force and creates healthy leadership.

Yoga is the evolution of consciousness.

Union between body, mind and spirit.

Full and free expression of one's creative potential.

Accept yourself and others.

Yoga and Actor


Knowledge of one's body





Do not repeat - do not play - but make real justified actions.

Do not imitate life, but create life. (A.Artaud)

Find the "True" within acting.

Enter the depths of our Ego.

Question our anchorage.

Reach and exceed the limits.

Being the character and live it.

Exercises to reach

the goal

Emotional memory

"Magic If"

Given Circumstances