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il Corpo, la Commedia e l'Improvviso

Il Corpo, la Commedia e l'Improvviso - Sofia 2020
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Union of two different techniques

Expressive Movement

Commedia dell'Arte

The method developed over the years by Alessandra Cortesi is the result of various bodily experiences. E.g.: Biomechanics TheaterDance Theater, Expression Primitive, Dance Ability. Her creative approach aims to explore the individual expressiveness of the movement, developing a strong harmony in the group.

Luca Comastri's work is based on the traditional techniques of the Italian Commedia dell'Arte revised in a new context. He promotes the ancient forms of fixed types in contemporary form, through innovations and acrobatics.

The workshop is aimed at theater professionals and anyone who wants to gain greater body awareness, exploring all the possibilities of the movement totally free from schemes and with fun.

the Body - il Corpo

Our body does not lie. It says about us, it betrays our thoughts and our emotions. 

Everyone conveys feelings, emotions, his or her own story in different ways. 

We work on the Movement and on the expressive potential of our body to get to self-knowledge.

Learn the language of body to achieve awareness, expressiveness and creativity.

the Comedy - la Commedia

The Commedia dell'Arte is the founding element of the European Modern Theater.


Deal with the "fixed types" of the Commedia dell'Arte, from the famous Arlecchino to the Zanni. 

A movement, a posture, a way of walking is enough to identify a character. 


Work on the harmony between body - rhythm - improvisation - masks. 

Create new context and meanings between Tradition and Innovation.

This is the art of "Commedia all'Improvviso".

the Impromptu - l’Improvviso

Impromptu is a phase of the work in which we meet the "Unknown". Work on creativity to find new material and acquire attitudes to deal with unforeseen situations.

We build a rigorous method to structure spontaneity. Improvisation is getting freedom to create characters. 

Real improvisation is a dialogue among people, something that happens, something to discover with others. Learn to listen to others, to relate to, to create together.