Drama Courses


For thousands of years the Theater has kept its roots alive between Tradition and Innovation, experimenting different languages and cultural avant-gardes.

Attend theater laboratory helps to discover the historical roots of one's own culture, looking to the future.

The activities in the laboratories favor the cultural and psychological growth of the individual, develop harmonious personality.


  • Active and laboratory theater activities

  • Pupil is the center of the process

  • Responsible for one's own behavior

  • Learning process awareness

Role of Teachers

  • Educate to creativity

  • Lead in search of answers

  • Encourage knowledge acquisition process

  • Make the group cohesive

lazanzaralab cycle



Methods and techniques transversal and multidisciplinary, geared towards a single objective: the development of the person.

  • Cooperative Learning - working together to achieve common goals

  • Role-playing - encouraging group dynamics

  • Metacognitive reflection - how we learn and how to improve the way to learn

  • Flexibility - dynamic teaching process


  • Learning, growth and skills acquisition process

  • Presence, socialization, active participation, autonomy, discipline, commitment, achievement of objectives

  • Performance at the end of the course