Drama Courses


Why do theater?

  • Theater language: gestural, verbal, musical, pictorial, enriches the expressive and communicative ability

  • Creativity stimulates fantasy and imagination

  • The work on the Body leads to self-knowledge of one's potential and abilities

  • Work on the Voice: diction, breathing, rhythm and intonation, helps overcome physical and psychological blocks


  • Rigorous practice of Improvisation creates incentives to bring out the bodily and emotional reactions more spontaneous

  • Team work and collaboration help define one's identity

  • Identifying with the Characters helps to overcome the problems of growth and development

  • Work on the Text develop analytical and writing skills

  • Be on Stage develops self-control, manages emotions analyzing one's reactions​

  • The Final representation is the measure of the growth of each member of the group

in stage
bilingual theater

Why do theater in Italian?

  • Emotional language acquisition

  • Interpretation of Italian heroes and characters

  • Study plays in Italian

  • Handle dialogue in a real situation with ease

  • Stimulate interest to learning

  • Openness to the other culture