Drama Courses


The theater is the privileged way for the acquisition and development of six of the eight European key competences:

  • literacy

  • multilingual

  • personal, social and learning to learn

  • citizenship

  • entrepreneurship

  • cultural awareness and expression

EU key-competences



  • Acquiring expressive and communication skills

  • Develop critical thinking

  • Overcome inhibitions and fears

  • Stimulate personal growth

  • Promoting social integration



  • Group formation

  • Self-knowledge, knowledge of others

  • Self-confidence

  • Concentration and listening

  • Autonomy and self-control

         Theater specific

  • Manage own body, space and voice

  • Improvise and manage unexpected situations

  • Define and develop characters

  • Reading, analysis and understanding of play text



LOGO La Zanzara Lab Laboratorio di teatro