Gianni Rodari Lab

In 2020 we celebrate the centenary of the birth of Gianni Rodari. Those who know his fantastic world can't forget it.


The Rodari stories are true still today. They describe our live in simple way and let us identify ourselves. Rodari indicates how to create a better world for us and our children.
Celebrate with us!

The expression “play theater“ is used in almost all European languages. In fact, theater is a play, a conscious play, essential for learning. 


It's an appropriate method because it puts us in direct contact with reality, it involves in first person with the freedom necessary to “make experience“.


In the “Pioneer Manual“ Rodari says “In the game, the children develop the qualities that they will keep in their life as workers and citizens. In the game you live in a childhood society that gradually takes on collective forms and disciplines and gives you precise rules ...“.

Gianni Rodari theater laboratory brings us closer to Rodari's poetics and language, through the readings of his poems, stories and nursery rhymes.

Gianni Rodari 100.jpg

Gianni Rodari the teacher who taught us the revolution of the fantasy

100 years of the birth of the writer who brought an enchanted world to school

  • Transform everything!

  • Dream big! 

  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes! ​



  ✔  Increase the awareness of one's own self, as a communication tool of our inner world: emotions, feelings, desires, dreams and needs

  ✔  Develop one's creativity and imagination

  ✔  Learning how to relate to the others and how to overcome the fears

  ✔  Overcoming obstacles and difficulties, developing resilience


  ✔  Educate to the correct pronunciation of the words of the Italian language

  ✔  Acquisition of reading strategies

  ✔  Acquire knowledge and mastery of the stage space

  ✔  Develop greater listening and collaboration skills within the group


For those who love Rodari's fantasy world.

Our courses are open to everyone. Small groups of 8 to 12 participants, homogeneous by age.

Gianni Rodari Lab is for all ages, from 6 to 106 yrs.


The calendar is established in agreement with the teacher on the basis of the needs of the trained group.

Gianni Rodari Lab lasts about 8 months.

Classes are held weekly for 3 hours with short breaks.

Each hour is 60 minutes. 

Online sessions are 2 times a week and last 1 hour.


Contents will be tailored to the needs of each participant and to the interests of the group.


  • Body warming and breathing exercises

  • Diction and phonetics exercises

  • Text mapping and intonation

  • Exercises to activate the imagination

  • Body and movement expressiveness

  • Improvisations


  • Individual and group readings

  • Dramatization and illustration of fairy tales

  • Nursery rhymes with musical accompaniment

  • ... and many songs


Together we will read Rodari's stories and fairy tales. The best readings will be published online. We will be happy to find out which fairy tale is your favorite and read it together!

We also selected songs and nursery rhymes for children, paying attention to the importance and meaning of the gestures. All the songs are corporeal, ideal to be mimed, sometimes only with the fingers, sometimes involving the whole body.

See you in class Gianni Rodari!


We will study and put on a stage a story of Rodari, implementing his technique. As Rodari affirms “... I have always believed ... that theater should be born in the theater. Writing theatrical text is not like writing a story. Vocabulary is not enough“.


We also rely on collaboration and free improvisation for the staging. The student will be guided in the process of building the character: he will use his fantasy, imagination, body and interiority to give voice, movement and life to the character.

An opportunity to improve the correct pronunciation of words in Italian.

We will also work on musical literacy by creating choral pieces.