Movimento Lab

Personal growth and harmonious development of the individual are the goals of all our theater laboratories.

Body communication is essential for everyone and in this laboratory we pay special attention to non-verbal actions.

Theater teaches us that everyone (small, tall, plump, slim ...) communicates through own's body in a unique and inimitable way.

Theater accepts and makes us accept every image, without prejudice and judgment.

This is an opportunity for meet and exchange, for self-knowledge and growth in an interpersonal context.

Percorso Giallo

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  ✔  Discover the central place of the body and the psychophysical unity of the person

  ✔  Let's explore our body, to read the hidden meanings of the gesture, to overcome shyness or provocative attitudes

  ✔  Be aware of the expressive potential of our body, gesture and movements

  ✔  Let's learn to listen to the silence, the other actors, the mood of the audience not only with the ears, but also with the whole body

  ✔  Develop harmonious relationships and recognize the individuality of the others


Our courses are open to everyone.
The groups are composed of 8 to 12 participants, homogeneous, formed according to the age.
Movimento Lab is for teens aged: 14 - 18 years incl.


The schedule is set in agreement with the teacher based on the needs of the group formed.


Movimento Lab lasts about 8 months. Classes are held weekly for 3 hours with short breaks. Each hour is 60 minutes.
Online sessions are 2 times a week and last 1 hour.

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PROGRAM of Laboratory

Contents will be tailored to the needs of each participant and to the interests of the group.


All activities are focused on research and development the students' creativity and expressive abilities.
Just knowing the potential of our body, we can express ourselves fully.
Acceptance of oneself and one's image is essential for the personal growth and to make acting credible.
The laboratory is structured in three parts.


All exercises and activities (individual and group) have precise rules explained at the beginning. This training is essential for the spectacle and engage students to work on:


building trust and group unity; respect of individuality

Stage space

acquiring a sense of space; how to move freely without inhibitions and shyness

Body and perception

develop perception and awareness of oneself and surrounding space

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become aware of inner rhythm and breathing; improve concentration and receptivity

Sound space

refine listening, receiving, sensitivity; give sound form to own ideas


release the expressive potential of the voice; intonation and rhythm


deepen the communicative power of gestures; the correlation with the emotions and expressive possibilities of the body


think about who we are and how we look like; experience our dependence or autonomy on others


verbal and nonverbal interpretation; create and experiment with new scenic solutions by drawing on sensations and feelings of one's own experience

Second Part  STAGING

The skills and competences acquired individually and in groups are put into practice. We learn that in order to create we need: «rules - discipline - accuracy» and this does not exclude fun. Students participate in each stage of performance preparation:


Analysis of the text and the motivations that support the actions. Look for theatrical solutions in one's own experience to avoid stereotypes.


Study and interpretative research. Students create the text starting from their emotions, experiences, thoughts, dreams and desires. It's a team effort.


Work on the memory, stage movements and gestures. Through the improvisations, the main lines of performance are defined.


Students choose the scenic elements necessary for the scenography, such as lights, music and costumes suitable for the characters.


Perceiving the «breath» of the audience, capturing attention, creating empathy between audience and actors.

The awareness that in that instant you and only you will pronounce those words, will make those gestures and perform that theatrical action.


This experience is unique for each student and is difficult to forget.

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