Ricerca Lab

Percorso Rosso

Frist Level

The personal growth and harmonious development of the individual are the goals of all our theater laboratories.

This lab is a personal research path leads us and reveals the pleasure of doing theater through individual and group work.

We explore the art of theater without giving ready-made answers and foregone solutions.

Theater is a complete and complex form of communication and makes others empathize with what we create in the laboratory and  «come to life» on stage.

There is no other art form in which the complicity between those who make and those who receive can be so intense and unique. Theater is the art of 

«here and now», the art of «being», without prejudice or  limitation.

Try... to be !

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  ✔  Get to know our body and voice, «ourselves» and our energy center
  ✔  Learn to move in the space, perceive others, and respond to stimuli
  ✔  Be present on stage, a sense of pace and rhythm
  ✔  Aware of the free but conscious creative act and its impact on the audience
  ✔  Learn the basics of stage writing by exploring possibilities through improvisation
  ✔  Understand the relations «actor-laboratory-performance»


For those who love theater; for those who believe that theater teaches; for those who have something to say and fwant to say it; for those who believe that theater is a way to tell the life and to live it; for those who believe that self-expression is good both for ourselves and for others.

Reference age: 18 - 118 years incl.


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The schedule is set in agreement with the teacher based on the needs of the group formed.


Ricerca Lab lasts about 9 months. Classes are held weekly for 3 hours with short breaks. Each hour is 60 minutes.
Online sessions are 2 times a week and last 1 hour.

PROGRAM of Laboratory

Contents will be tailored to the needs of each participant and to the interests of the group.

The truth of theater lies in catching the essence of things, and it arises from the practice in the laboratory. At the same time, the truth of theater is nurtured in the moment of meeting the audience.
We build the work together. The exercises, theater games and improvisations are developed gradually. They are the basis of «theatrical grammar». The laboratory is organized in three parts.

First Part  PRACTICE

Acquire the tools and theater language through exercises, games and training, by developing the group's internal relationships, working on:


perceive and listen to oneself in order to be aware of the expressive potential of one's body

Me and the others

concentration and attention on what is happening around to know how to move with others


explore the space-time dimension and the rhythm of the actions

Action - reaction

reaction times; dynamic concatenation of the action


explore the voice to free it and find the original intensity


beyond the common sense and out of vocabulary to discover the density of the message

The actor and his dimension

deepen dynamics and mechanisms to cause complicity between the actor and the audience

Stage space

give shape and meaning to the scene with our actions and expressiveness


verbal and non-verbal, creating scenes on a theme, using everything assimilated so far

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The script writing is inspired by the practice of improvisation. 

Creating text

  • The idea is the result of individual and group research and can be inspired by a play, poetry, short story, musical piece and more

  • It takes shape in the improvisation phase and continues with the table work: read-through, group discussions and confrontations, writing the text


Stage writing

  • Writing is a collective process

  • Learn to distinguish the necessary actions from the insignificant ones

  • Cut and clean up the work until it works and has the right rhythm


The performance is the phase in which we put into practice what we created in laboratory, we give life to our ideas and express our inner world.

The performance is different from the previous phases:
    • it is the bearer of new elements, new knowledge and surprises
    • draws a thin connection line between us and the audience

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Everyone participates in the creation of the costumes of the characters, in the scenography, in the choice of props and music. Everyone is free to improvise and be creative with rigor and seriousness during rehearsals.

The performance as well as the whole path are the result of collaborative work, and the success of the individual is the success of the group.