Meet Kamelia

I'm Kamelia Evgeni, founder of LaZanzaraLab, and I'm happy that you found us!

I have always created the most different things with passion since I was a child. I turned the kitchen table into a small theatrical stage. With my friends I invented funny stories, I staged fairy tales, choreography with songs and dances. Everything was a source of artistic inspiration. A strong attraction was the grandmother's sewing machine.

The Internet had not yet arrived and in order to buy new music records and new books for me, my father used to go on endless queues at the shops for the latest news. My parents' main concern was to enroll me in various art courses, ballet, piano etc.

All this led me to love the theater and to develop myself as a costume designer, actress, book translator. I want to bring this passion of theater to as many children and adults as possible, and LaZanzaraLab is this project.

Today my goal is to use simple and effective approachs to create and experience new ways.

Teaching Philosophy

Art is experimentation, research, curiosity. It is therefore an extremely important formative creative process of the person.

Experiments and and learning from errors are important in both childhood and adulthood.

  1. Experiments teach that there are several ways to solve problems.

  2. When we solve self-designed problems,we develop critical thinking and gain self-confidence.

  3. Experiments remind me, as a teacher, that I learn together with my students and that I don’t hold all the answers.

  4. The innovative thinking is experimentation and exploration beyond borders.

  5. Experiments create pleasure and happiness.

If you believe that we can learn from one's own errors, you believe in the cycle DO -> WRONG -> DO BETTER and in the self-confident thinkers, then LaZanzaraLab is for YOU! 

I hope you’ll feel welcome to join in at any time.

You can find us in Facebook, Instagram or by email:

Furthermore, you can contact me directly at: 

+39 347 8858699 (IT); +359 886612917 (BG)

About LaZanzaraLab

LaZanzaraLab has been created in 2018 as cultural bridge beetween Italy and Bulgaria and is based in Sofia e Bologna. Our theater labs are in italian and bulgarian languages.

Through Online LaZanzaraLab courses you will be in touch with teachers connected from Italy, regardnless your current location.

We believe in the usefulness and importance of theater for the personal growth. Beginning theatre practice from childhood, stimulates the imagination and frees the fantasy, helps to discover one's own abilities, to develop critical thinking, to acquire social and communicative skills.

About Kamelia

I also live and work in Italy where I'm qualified in drama and expressive movement at “Scuola di Teatro Colli” and play-writing techniques at “Teatro Navile”​. 
Before moving to Italy, I have achieved certificate in acting and theatre performance at “Montfiz“ Drama School of Sofia.
I graduated in Italian language at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”; I obtained CELI 5 Certificate “University for Foreigners Perugia”, Italy.
I have diploma in fashion design from PGO “Knyaginya Maria Luiza“ Professional High School, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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