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Martina Valentini Marinaz

  • Actress, drama teacher

  • She has performed various roles ranging from comedy to dramatic category, but always giving importance and depth to the character, according to the Stanislavski-Strasberg method that she studied at the Colli di Bologna



  • Intensive Workshop Diction and Phonetics at Actorial Preformation Center of Ferrara

  • Project that involved children with disabilities with “Gruppo di Lettura San Vitale”

  • Stage “BREATHE AND ACT” by MVM Arts



  • Various shows with the group “Dopo di nuovo” directed by A. Cortesi for La Casa dei Risvegli di Luca De Nigris

  • Several advertising spots and short films

  • Small role in the film “Ether” directed by the great K. Zanussi

  • Founder of the brand MVM ARTS, art-container that aims to bring on stage different disciplines, such as theater, music, figurative art and dance, also producing shows, exhibitions and artistic events

  • Organizes numerous artistic exhibitions of the painter Michele Angelicchio

  • Collaboration with important artists (Gabriella Monte - composer and singer pianist, Monia Fucci - actress, Eloisa Mineccia - writer and director, with
    the participation of Luca Donati - photographer)

  • Project “MALE / FEMALE”, that puts women in the foreground, tackling different but always current
    topics, such as violence, exploitation, migration




Qualified in Drama at the “Scuola di Teatro Colli, Scuola dell’Emilia Romagna”, directed by Emanuele Montagna

Expressive Movement:

“Dopo Di Nuovo” directed by A. Cortesi at “La casa dei Risvegli di Luca De Nigris”

Graduated in “Lettere e Filosofia, Theater specialization” at Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna 


"Marilyn, August 5th" in the role of Marilyn Monroe (by G.Scalise, directed by G. Liotta),

"Madame de Sade" (by Yukio Mishima, directed by P. Ferrarini)
"Morti ammazzati, Falcone, Borsellino and other heroes" (by E. Montagna) 
“SLA – Un calcio alla Malattia” (by E. Montagna and A. Maioli) 
“Fuori i secondi. Tiberio Mitri: boxer professionist” (by Enrico Luttmann, directed by Francesco Macedonio)
“Bologna del minuetto” of S. Stagni directed by Sandra Cavallini 
“Uomini sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi 2, il ritorno” (directed by Guido Ferrarini), 
“Una scelta … non Chiara“ (with Anastasia Kuzmina, directed by Eugenio Maria Bortolini)

Maya D'Acunzo Deuchar

  • Yoga teacher, musician, painter

  • Actress and art performer in Italy and UK



  • Yoga teacher one-to-one

  • Music teacher with challenging children at Napolitan districts

  • Workshop "BREATHE and ACT" by MVM Arts


  • Solo pianist and accompanist in many cultural and artistical events

  • Organises different Yoga workshops in UK and Italy combining her Yoga methods with relaxation with the music

  • Cultural and artistical projects organised by the Napolitan district

  • “Dopo di nuovo” team at “La Casa dei Risvegli di Luca De Nigris”




  • Diploma in Drama at the School of Teatro Colli  

  • Drama with Emanule Montagna

  • Performance art with A.Cortesi

  • Voice training with M.Cosentini and R. Morselli

  • Dramma with Danny Lemmo


Hatha Yoga and Yoga Flow with Patrick Beach in Edinburgh and Belfast



  • Specialized in Piano at the conservatoire of Music “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples, with Masters Bertucci, Raucci, Tramma

  • In 1993 she was chosen as the best of 30 pupils in the conservatoire of Music

  • Attended to a prestigious workshop with the concert pianist Michele Campanella

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