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The art of looking at ourself

Creativity - Confidence - Growth

and much more (A.Boal)

Dear friends,

LaZanzaraLab Theater Laboratory is launching theater online courses for kids and adults alike. That's the option to be together, regardless of current circumstances and your location.

Benefits of Online Theater Courses

  • Theater courses from your living room!

  • Inspiration and activities to do at home!

  • The whole family is welcome (and encouraged!) to participate!  

  • Access wherever you want!

  • Join anytime!

  • Endless shared online resources!

  • Pictures and videos sharing, online sessions registration, pre-recorded videos.

For any information contact us:


tel.: +359 886612917 (BG) ; +39 3478858699 (IT)


the team of LaZanzaraLab Theater Laboratory

Table of contents

Kamelia Evgeni

Theater together online!

Starting in May 11th, 2020


Online, you’ll have access to the same high-quality theater curriculum and teachers, connected from Italy - at your home!

Classes are homogeneous by age, from 5 years old, up to 18 years old and adults above 18.

During each online session, Kamelia and other theachers will lead activities for you and your whole family.
Many stories expect to be tell, many things await us to do:


  • Body warm-up, relaxation technics

  • Vocal exercises and breathing technics

  • Diction and Phonetics

  • Expressive readings

  • Emotional games

  • Expressive movement

  • Improvisations


You have to enrol in a course for access into the online sessions.


Courses and Programs

Gianni Rodari 100

Gianni Rodari Lab

(All ages)

Celebrate with us the centenary of the birth of the Master of the fantasy!

Gianni Rodari course is dedicated to this special birthday.
Individual and group readings, dramatization and illustration of fairy tales, nursery rhymes with musical accompaniment and many songs. 

PerCorso Azzurro

Emozioni Lab

(5-9 yrs)

  • Discover the importance of emotions for relationships and for the development of children's psychological life

  • Recognize and manage emotions through theater play

  • Learn to express one's emotions and feelings

PerCorso Verde

Idee Lab

(10-13 yrs)

  • Enhance children's creative thinking

  • Discover the personal core values and potentiality

  • Develop inventiveness and free expression of oneself

PerCorso Giallo

Movimento Lab

(14-18 yrs)

  • Communicate with our body and nonverbal actions

  • Recover the centrality of the body and the psychophysical unity of the person

  • Accept oneself and one's image for personal growth and to make acting credible

PerCorso Rosso

Ricerca Lab

(18+ yrs)

  • Personal research path

  • Explore the art of theater no giving answers and ready-made solutions

  • Discover the pleasure of doing theater through individual and group work



Scheduling Online Courses

The calendar of the online courses is indicative.
The schedule is set in agreement with the teacher based on the needs of the group formed.


How to enroll in a course

  1. Press the big red button ONLINE COURSES in our website.

  2. Press the button ENROLL of the course of your choice and fill out the enrollment form.

  3. Make your payment using the PayPal button.

  4. You will receive confirmation of registration and password to access the online session of the chosen course by email.

Monthly fee - 8 online sessions - 59 Lev (30 Euro)

The first two sessions are for free.


How to enter in classroom

Access is 5 minutes before the session start, not earlier:

  1. Press the big red button ONLINE COURSES in our website.

  2. Press the ENTER IN CLASSROOM button of your course

  3. Fill the password we have sent you in the Guest Area.

  4. Click on the ENTER IN CLASSROOM button to join the online session.

  5. When you are already online, the program will ask you for permission to use your camera and microphone, allowing you to choose which camera and microphone you want to use. The use of a camera and a microphone is a required.



  1. To get Password for online sessions, you must select your course, complete the enrollment form, and pay the monthly fee.

  2. In order to enroll in an online course, it is necessary to agree to the General Terms and Privacy Policy.

  3. Entering to the Classroom 5 minutes before the session, not earlier.

  4. The use of the video camera and microphone is mandatory during the online class.

  5. If a student does not follow the classroom procedure and interferes with the normal lesson flow, the administrator has the right to exclude him from the group.

  6. When a student is expelled from the group for misconduct, the fee paid shall not be refunded.


Technical and Practical Requirements

  1. To participate in the online sessions, it is advisable to use a pc (desktop, laptop) to be able to see the teacher and other participants well.

  2. The required distance from the computer is between half and three meters, depending on the type of exercise.

  3. No additional microphone is needed, just enough on the computer.

  4. It is advisable to conduct an one-man access test with each participant. It is made by appointment before the first session.