Maryam Piece in 4 movements


Original Italian text by Luca Doninelli 2006
Bulgarian translation by Kamelia Evgeni
With the collaboration of Teatro delle Albe / Ravenna Teatro

Piece in Four Movements

“The cult of the Madonna (Virgin Mary, Maryam) is important for the Muslim religion. Sura 19 of the Koran is entirely dedicated to Mary.
In Nazareth in the Basilica of the Annunciation, the writer saw with astonishment, many Muslim women devoted to Maryam praying to her asking for redemption, consolation, answers for their children, for the brothers who had blown themselves up, for the daughters sold in Europe as prostitutes.

This is our "today", our story of three women, three prayers of sorrow and hope.

It is no coincidence that this message is women message and passes through female characters. 

The men have tragically failed in hold on to power and continue don't give up it.

The female figure is increasingly important role, because she is the custodian of a different world.

RAI - The Theater of Radio3 - Test Theaters, 6/2/2017

Water noise Monologue

Water noise

Original Italian text by Marco Martinelli 2010
Bulgarian translation by Kamelia Evgeni
With the collaboration of Teatro delle Albe / Ravenna Teatro


“A tragedy too big to ignore. Wild and non-consolatory. A theater breathtaking act that slams in front of our quiet and well-fed consciences, the tragedy of life excluded and denied, the tragedy of the separation of affections and the cowardice of the policy of rejections.

Dazzling theatrical story that has the corrosive immediacy of the Commedia dell'Arte.”

The new Sardinia, 14/7/2010



Theatrical adaptation by Kamelia Evgeni



“Taken by a work forgotten of Bulgarian writer, the life of a woman loyal to the Communist Party beyond human limits.

Tomova projects her personal tragedy on the tragedy of Bulgarian people, her voice is calling from the past, denies the present and casts dark shadow of fear on the future, hopelessly denying it.

Tomova is the smoky and ferocious ghost to be freed from but still made of flesh and ideas, yet to be exorcised.

Nobody wants to see for the sole fear of seeing him, only because of fear of being able to think it is not really dead.”