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General terms and conditions

2019 - 2020


A. General rules

        1) Name and head office: “La Zanzara Lab” Laboratorio di teatro / ArteSì EOOD, Sofia 1799, Mladost District 2, bl. 242, entr. 2, app. 14 
        2) “LaZanzara Lab” Laboratorio di teatro / ArteSì EOOD is a theater training center, hereinafter referred to as “La Zanzara Lab”.
        3) These terms govern the relationship between "La Zanzara Lab" and the users of the artistic / theater training service.
        4) The service is provided by “La Zanzara Lab” based on this individual contract and signed by the respective user.
        5) The following terms are used with the following meaning: “Student” is any natural person who attends an artistic / theater course at “La Zanzara Lab”, “Parent ” is the parent or legal guardian of a student under the age of 18.
        6) Any proposal, complaint and request can be sent by e-mail to: 


 B. Registration

        1) Registration for a drama course can only happen after the Individual Interview with the Artistic Director, aimed at ascertaining the motivations and expectations of the candidate. In the case of minors, the presence of at least one of the parents with the child is required. In the case of a person over the age of 18, the candidate’s “Curriculum Vitae” is required.
        2) Registration for a course shall be deemed valid after:
            a. filling in a registration form
            b. the signature of the individual contract by the ”Student”/“Parent”
            c. the payment of the fee by the ”Student”/“Parent”, for the respective course, within the deadlines indicated, based on the

individual contract

            d. the presentation of a healthy and robust medical certificate for non-agonist physical activities

        3) In case of late registration (registration after the beginning of the course), payment must be made no later than the working day following the signing of the individual registration contract.
        4) For registration, to request the Individual Interview and further information, the office is open by appointment, call:
0886 612 917

 C. Learning regulations
        1) Working language: theater lessons are held in Italian or Bulgarian or in both languages, depending on the needs of the students. 
        2) Students are divided into groups and programs based on age and level.
        3) The Certificate of Achievement after each course is issued to the students who have attended it with profit, at the discretion of “La Zanzara Lab”.
        4) Repeated and unjustified absences (over 15% of the total hours) determine the student's right to receive a Certificate of Attendance limited to the hours of actual attendance, as indicated in the attendance register.
        5) The programs and schedules of the courses will be given at registration.           
        6) All communications and program changes will be promptly reported by e-mail or distribution of notices and announcements, which will constitute the official source of information for students. Always, in respect of the total hours scheduled for lectures, “La Zanzara Lab” may modify the educational program, schedules and teachers. 
        7) The judgments that “La Zanzara Lab” will express at the end of the individual tests are unquestionable, as well the artistic decisions.
 D. Regulation - Rules of conduct and disciplinary actions
        1) Attendance to the activities of “La Zanzara Lab” is mandatory. 
        2) Maximum punctuality is a must, both in group and individual work. Latecomers, at the discretion of the teacher, may not be admitted to the lesson. 
        3) Each non-minor “Student” who, for whatever reason, must leave the lesson (even if only temporarily), may do so with the permission of the teacher on duty. 
        4) All minor “Students” are welcomed and handed over at the “La Zanzara Lab” lessons during the times listed. Minor “Students” can be handed over only to the “Parent” or other person previously specified in the registration form.
        5) It is necessary to promptly communicate any absences, delays, unavailability, logistic difficulties. 
        6) It is strictly forbidden to smoke in all the spaces of “La Zanzara Lab”, including the courtyard and the entrance door. 
        7) It is necessary to respect the spaces and the environments keeping an attitude appropriate to the work. It is mandatory for “Students” to keep the “La Zanzara Lab” premises clean and tidy at all times, in order to use the spaces in a more civilized manner, so it is forbidden to eat or chew tires in the work spaces.
        8) Belongings:
            a. It is also forbidden to leave personal objects (scripts, clocks, clothes, various objects etc.) in the rehearsal room. “La Zanzara

Lab” is not liable in case they are not be found. 

            b. “La Zanzara Lab” will be deemed authorized to eliminate these objects, after 7 days from being found, if not requested. 
            c. It is forbidden to carry objects that could in any way harm another person. “La Zanzara Lab” reserves the right to withdraw all

objects and structures that are considered dangerous or unnecessary for the learning and entertainment process. 

            d. The confiscated objects are given back to the parents. 
            e. It is not appropriate for children to carry large sums of money. “La Zanzara Lab” is not responsible for the loss or theft of money

and / or valuables.

        9) It is advisable do not take part of shows, attend other courses, stages, schools and Academies of theater and acting in general, unless prior authorization from “La Zanzara Lab”. 
        10) It is also strictly prohibited to keep on during the lesson phones, iPod or other electronic devices. The “Students” must leave all electronic devices to their teacher, receiving them at the end of the lesson. The phones can be used during the breaks. For the rest of the time, parents can contact the teaching staff on the phones listed on the site 
        11) In the case of non-compliance of the behavioral norms of the present Rules (or in the case of severe disciplinary violations), “La Zanzara Lab” may apply the disciplinary measures indicated in the following point.           

        12) Disciplinary actions: 
“La Zanzara Lab” may adopt actions of ammonitive intervention and disciplinary initiatives, through: 

            a. verbal warning; 
            b. reminder and written warning; 
            c. expulsion for just cause; 
            d. repeated disciplinary measures may lead to the immediate expulsion of the “Student” for a justified subjective reason. In the

latter case, will not be entitled to reimbursement of the fees paid and will have to pay, within 10 days of the expulsion order, the balance of the entire course fee.

        13) Each “Student” who uses the rehearsal room for free outside the official timetable of the lessons can always do so by prior appointment with the secretary of the school, depending on the hours available at the moment.
 E. Economic Regulation
        1) Registration fees
The annual registration fee can be paid at one time or in different installments during the year, the method is determined in the individual contract for each “Student”.
            a. Single annual installment: upon registration
            b. Two annual installments:

  • I installment - upon registration

  • II installments - January 15, 2020

            c. Four annual installments: 

  • I installment - upon registration

  • II installments - December 15, 2019

  • III installments - February 15, 2020

  • IV installments - April 15, 2020

            d. Monthly installment: up to the 15th of the current month
        2) Payment methods
            a. Payments are made by bank transfer. In case of monthly payments we accept bank transfer SEPA Direct Debit - SDD.
            b. Upon registration, the “Student” / “Parent” indicates the billing information if wishes to receive an invoice, otherwise a receipt

will be issued.

            c. The invoice / receipt can be sent by e-mail or received from the office of “La Zanzara Lab”.
            d. The payment of the fees must be made strictly on the set dates. Those who do not comply with the above terms and conditions

of payment established at the registration are considered to have lost the right of payment by installments. After 30 days from the delay, “La Zanzara Lab” can immediately claim the balance of the total cost of the course, plus legal interest from the expiry of the term to the actual balance.       

        3) Discounts

Students enrolled in the annual courses can benefit from the following discounts:

            a. 20% (twenty) discount for alumni of “La Zanzara Lab” - students who have completed a course at “La Zanzara Lab”. 
               The 20% discount for “La Zanzara Lab” alumni, cannot be used by students who have interrupted their studies.

            b. 10% (ten) discount for a second family member - refers to and is available for a mother, father, brother or sister of a student

already enrolled at “La Zanzara Lab”. 

            c. 10% (ten) discount on advance booking up to 30 days before the start of a course.
            d. Each “Student” has the possibility to use up to three types of discount, but no more than 20% in total for student.
 F. Training interruption
        1) The “Student”/”Parent” is entitled to withdraw from a course, provided that the withdrawal is exercised within 10 days from the date of registration, by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, to be sent to the office of “La Zanzara Lab”. In this case, the amount paid will be refunded, excluding bank charges. Such withdrawal can NOT be exercised when the course is already started. 
        2) The “Student” who, for whatever reason, decides not to participate in a course or to interrupt the course in advance, will not be entitled to any refund, will be required to pay the full cost of the course and will not be entitled to receive any certificate, except as provided for by the right of withdrawal in the previous point.
        3) To ensure the quality of teaching and learning process of each student, the enrollment is strictly personal and cannot be attributed to another student after 4 weeks from the beginning of the course.
        4) If “Student” should break the course due to exceptional circumstances, the Director may approve the request for reimbursement of part of the fee paid. The request for reimbursement of a part of the fee paid, together with documentation relating to exceptional circumstances, must be submitted to “La Zanzara Lab” in writing. The amount of the part to be reimbursed shall be calculated on the basis of the remaining not used hours at the time of receiving the request.
        5) The reimbursement of a registration fee can be requested within one month from the date of the interruption. After the expiration of this period, refund applications will not be considered.
        6) By enrolling in a course, the student chooses to attend classes. In the case of absenteeism and missing lessons, “La Zanzara Lab” does not reimburse any fees.
        7) In the case of longer absences and at the discretion of the teacher, the student can be invited to attend additional hours for an individual work.
        8) A minimum number of participants is required to start the courses. “La Zanzara Lab” reserves the right to to cancel the course, in case of insufficient number of registered participants, this does not constitute default on the part of “La Zanzara Lab”. In this case, the “Student” / “Parent” will be entitled to receive the refund of the amount paid.  

“La Zanzara Lab” reserves the right to make unilateral changes to this regulation.

The general terms and conditions mentioned above are effective from January 1, 2019.

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